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Tag: History of Vaping

The History of Vaping

The improvement in technology is the reason why vapes look the way they are now, but they have been around since ancient history. The history of vaping begins in Afghanistan more than 1500 years ago. This invention by Irfan Sheikh was later introduced to India as shisha by his dynasty. Before then, ancient Egypt had tried heating herbs and stones on hot stones to vape herbs.

Vaping in Modern Times

Forward to 1927 when James Robinson came up with the idea of an e-cigarette before Herbert Gilbert made vaping popular in the year 1963 and patented it in the year 1965. By the mid-2000s, Hon Lik, a Chinese firm made the first modern e-cigarette.

Here are some facts that are worth knowing:

  1. Nicotine: This drug is common with people having tried to consume it by chewing, or simply applying it on their skin. Although a few persons have been said to inject it, vaping remains the most tolerable way of consuming nicotine.
  2. Vaporizers: In the past, people have tried consuming nicotine using hookahs and bongs. This has been replaced with vaporizers which come in different forms and tastes.
  3. FDAs Disapproval of e-Cigarettes: Despite the efforts of Phil Ray and Normal Jacobson to commercialize the idea of e-Cigarettes, the FDA refused tobacco companies the opportunity of introducing them to the market. While this was going on, “Eagle” Bill Amato created the cannabis vaporizer in Amsterdam.
  4. Modern Vaporizers: The first e-cigarette was invented in the mid-2000s by Hon Lik, a Chinese Pharmacist whose father died of lung cancer following a life of smoking. It was with the help of his employer, Ruyan Gro-up, now Dragonite International, that he introduced e-cigarettes to the world in the year 2006. It was not however till 2007 that the first e-cigarette appeared in the US.
  5. Modifications: Vaporizers, which now became a popular trend among people, was modified to be more customer-friendly by two brothers, Umer and Tariq. They invented what is known as the cartomizer. Following the modifications, vaping can be said to have undergone so many processes to arrive at its present stage.

Vapes work in various ways and it is important for its users to understand this. From the moment when people had the urge to consume nicotine, the idea of vaping held strong. From the attempts at vaping by ancient Egypt right to the moment when Umer and Tariq created the customer-friendly vaporizer known as cartomizer, there is so much history to be told.